This year is going to be unforgettable.. 

THANKS to my entire FAMILY for all of your support through the toughest times.. When I say FAMILY I mean EVERYONE I INTERACT WITH or I have ever spoken to. YOU ARE ALL MY FAMILY. I LOVE ALL OF YOU 

I haven’t forgotten anyone, and LA definitely will NOT change me.. (Except maybe my looks)  but you all know I am still the same Allen just following my dreams and kickin’ ass. I seriously would not be where I am today without my FAMILY.

ENJOY THE NEW YEAR, make some resolutions or plans you will stick to but don’t aim too big too fast.. start small and have 1 main GOAL to get to, and in the end you will get extraordinary results. Push your limits, be strong mentally and physically. Take control of your mind, it’s the strongest thing you have besides your heart.

Travel, Love, Share, Spend time with the people who mean the most to you because LIFE IS VERY SHORT. Follow your dreams & your heart – Meet new people, hold the door for someone, let someone cut ahead of you in traffic.. make a difference. The law of attraction will bring you 10X what you put out into the universe.

Ok.. enough BS talk. Love you ALL! ENJOY BE SAFE AND KICK FUCKING’ ASS IN 2014.


Back from Brazil Tour – I can’t thank my fans enough!!

I can’t express my love for all of my friends, family & fans that gave me such a warm welcome in Brazil.  The Tour w/ CT based Metal band “Symphony Of Malice” was killer! An amazing learning experience and just an overall eye opener to see how many people from around the globe still support their local Music scene as well as Touring bands from around the world.

The list of people would run off this page if I thank you each personally, but I do have to say that you all made my stay a very welcoming, warm & exciting one!  Thank you all for taking the time out to come see us perform, come talk to us, teach us about your culture and sharing your AMAZING FOOD!!  Getting off stage with all my gear already packed (by other bands*), fans taking pictures & autographs & having drinks bought for you all night long just blows my mind!  Your hospitality is overwhelming, Thank you again from the bottom of my heart guys.

I definitely plan on heading back to Brazil again in the near future.  BRAZIIIWWW!!!

TBS – "Deal With It" Me.. Heidi Klum.. Ass slapping

For those of you who missed me on The new Hidden Camera TV Show on TBS “Deal With It” Produced by Howie Mandel, here’s some of the action that’s been buzzing around 😉

Visit: http://www.tbs.com for Full Episodes 

8 August 2013 1:39 AM, PDT | Huffington Post | See recent Huffington Post news »

Howie Mandel recruited his “America’s Got Talent” co-star, Heidi Klum, onto his new hidden camera prank show, “Deal With It.” While she was there, she got to slap a guy, but it wasn’t Howie.
The show pairs celebrities with regular folks who are competing for money. Via hidden earpieces, the celebrities try to convince the non-celebs to do crazy things to their loved ones in order to win some cash. Heidi decided to make it a hands-on challenge — a hands-on-her challenge! While the contestant, Allen, was with his friend at a hotel lobby, Heidi told him, “I’m gonna walk through the lobby now, and you’re gonna slap me on the ass.”
Allen looked shocked, but he played along. “That’s Heidi Klum,” he told his buddy. “I’m gonna slap her ass. She’s so hot.” Of course, his friend would never believe he would really go through with something so crazy.
“Heidi? What’s up baby?” Allen said, and then he slapped her on the butt. Heidi, acting shocked, slapped him across the face. “Are you crazy?” she shouted at him.
For his pain and suffering — though we imagine it wasn’t all bad for him — Allen wound up earning $1,500. And he wasn’t the only one having fun. Heidi tweeted that she had a lot of fun shooting the episode with her fellow “AGT” judge.
Other celebrities joined in on the fun, too. Joan and Melissa Rivers, Adam Carolla, and Mel B also taped guest spots, while Josh Gad shared the spotlight with Heidi this week.
And viewers are enjoying the show as well. Since its premiere in July, “Deal With It” has seen its ratings rise, topping 2 million viewers with its most recent airing.

"Negging" Nicole Richie & her friend – on her AOL Series "Candidly Nicole" Featured in Episode 12 ;)

Catch me on “CANDIDLY NICOLE” – Nicole Richie’s AOL Series EPISODE 12

Apparently I was “Negging” on Nicole’s friend lol.  I’m not that into Blonde’s.  Nicole on the other hand is another story 😉

“Nicole’s single gal pal Erin needs a little help on the dating front so Nicole takes her to a wine tasting to find her a man. The results aren’t quite what she expected.”

WATCH EPISODE 12 HERE: http://on.aol.com/show/candidly-nicole-517742769/episode/517851917