Back from Brazil Tour – I can’t thank my fans enough!!

I can’t express my love for all of my friends, family & fans that gave me such a warm welcome in Brazil.  The Tour w/ CT based Metal band “Symphony Of Malice” was killer! An amazing learning experience and just an overall eye opener to see how many people from around the globe still support their local Music scene as well as Touring bands from around the world.

The list of people would run off this page if I thank you each personally, but I do have to say that you all made my stay a very welcoming, warm & exciting one!  Thank you all for taking the time out to come see us perform, come talk to us, teach us about your culture and sharing your AMAZING FOOD!!  Getting off stage with all my gear already packed (by other bands*), fans taking pictures & autographs & having drinks bought for you all night long just blows my mind!  Your hospitality is overwhelming, Thank you again from the bottom of my heart guys.

I definitely plan on heading back to Brazil again in the near future.  BRAZIIIWWW!!!


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