Photo Shoot

This photo shoot was pretty interesting being that it was a solo shoot.  One of the props for the shoot was this beautiful “Dean Razorback *Dimebag Darrell” 7 String Guitar I picked up from Guitar Center.  The only way I can describe this beast is fu#!ng badass!!  Another one of my props was my 10″ DW Tom Drum from my live kit.  I don’t know what it is about this drum, it’s just always been one of my favorites.

The shoot was done in Hollywood FL, By Kemuel Valdes /
As soon as I arrived to the Valdes studio, I was kindly greeted by Gina, the sweet “studio dog”.. 😉
There’s nothing I love more than entering a new place and being welcomed by an awesome animal!!
After trying on a few different outfits, (and sweating my balls off from the studio lights)  I went on to the “tight ass white pants” which I have NEVER done before..  I could hardly get them all the way on to close the buttons but it actually worked out pretty well for the photo’s!  

Overall the shoot went pretty well being that I was on 3hrs of sleep …if that, and coming down with a cold (thanks to my good friend Andrew 🙂 who paid me a surprise visit in Miami for a week whom I took to the airport a few hrs before the shoot.  No fainting = a plus and being offered Alligator meat by Valdes = ?? :O lol!  I deff recommend Valdes for professional photography and im looking forward to the next shoot.  Check out a few of the shot’s below and more on my Facebook Profile as they arrive.  \m/ Enjoyyy!