Hey guys, back with my second blog 🙂

Ok.. so I always get questions about what equipment I use live, and in the studio so here it is..

Current Live / Studio kit –
DW Custom “Lavender Lacquer” Kit
Two rack toms up top.. 10″ / 12″
Two floor toms.. 14″ / 16″
14″ Snare & 22″ Kick

I usually wrap these babies in Evans 2ply clear heads live, and Evans 1ply coated heads in the studio
(better resonance for recording).

*DW 9002 Double Pedals.. I use the hard side of the beaters.

As far as Cymbals go, current setup:

(Left to right)
14″ K-custom Hi-hats
8″ Latin Percussion Bell
16″ Paiste Full Crash
10″ Splash
16″ Dave Weckl Sabian China (above splash)
18″ Paiste Full Crash
19″ K Custom China
16″ Sabian “Vinnie Paul” Hi-hats (loose/closed)
22″ Sabian “Vinnie Paul” Bell Ride
20″ Sabian China

Electric Studio/Practice Kit – Roland TD9 w/Mesh heads
I usually use this TD9 Module live (if using triggers) for Kicks and 808booms + extra sound effects.



Welcome to my Official Blog, thanks for visiting!
This will be my new spot to post upcoming events, photo’s, videos & updates on my Drumming!  I’ve been thinking of setting this up for a while now, and it’s finally in the works.  I will try my absolute best to keep you all updated in my spare time, backstage, in the Studio and during awesome shows/events.  Feel free to drop me a line anytime with comments, questions or just say what’s up!

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